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Internet of Things

Smart, effective and detailed information at the Device and Component level.

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Software Asset Management

Are you in an Audit?

Do you want to know about all of the software and databases you have?


Software Asset Management – SAM

We, at InControl, recognize the considerable expense, cost, and license complexity in purchasing and managing the software that drives your business. Our solutions address the incredibly difficult  logistics in the SAM arena.

First things first... you need a trusted data source of all your applications/software regardless of the Operating System or if it is a desktop, laptop, expensive server applications or databases.

SAM is a subset of Technology Asset Management where we have built the solutions around the idea that 20% of SAM is technology and 80% is identifying the process and once understood, the building of the process and it being driven by the solution.

Combined with our SAM Technology we provide services that focus on 3 specific areas of SAM;

Stage 1:

Building the foundation of the existing licensing and licenses you have installed through discovery, identification and finally inventory. Once stage 1 is completed and processing new or changing information we move to the next stage.

Stage 2:

The process from Purchase including currency exchange and matching to contracts, usage and disposal.

Stage 3:

We work towards analyzing the information and process for over or under licensing, compliance, distribution and then to contract management and negotiations.