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Internet of Things

Smart, effective and detailed information at the Device and Component level.

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Software Asset Management

Are you in an Audit?

Do you want to know about all of the software and databases you have?


OneTime IT Assessment in the Cloud!  IT Asset Intelligence®


Do you care or value what you have from an IT perspective?

Imagine a service offered to companies, that delivers a complete inventory of your networked IT infrastructure, typically within five days and with minimal effort on your part. The service discovers your entire network and inventories every network attached device (with instrumented devices and proper security access) - every Virtual Machine, Desktop, Laptop, Server, Router, Hub, Switch, PDU and Printer plus many other types of devices. The assessment, delivers comprehensive reports on each inventoried device including - CPU, Memory, Disk Space, Attached Peripherals, Operating Systems and Software Applications. Imagine if you were handed a complete set of meaningful reports on your IT infrastructure - reports that enable you to make business decisions that same day!

InControl's OneTime IT Assessment is extremely simple to initiate with little to no impact to your services or end-users. Transparent to your operations, we will discover, analyze and report on the status of your networked IT infrastructure. The discovery and inventory process is fast and very accurate. In fact, the depth of inventory data discovered and the accuracy of that data is better than any other comparable solution on the market.

OneTime IT Assessment supports all major Operating Systems (Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, etc), is non-intrusive and requires no software agents.

As a Solution-as-a-Service (SaaS), we do the work at our offices, eliminating any drain on your busy IT staff. Or, if you prefer, to involve your staff, we will perform the inventory, on-site, using our own equipment and personnel.

The OneTime IT Assessment is perfect if you want to compare what your physical audit or your managed service provider is reporting.

Contact us and we will demonstrate the power of the assessment to drive value from your IT infrastructure in the Cloud.