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Internet of Things

Smart, effective and detailed information at the Device and Component level.

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Software Asset Management

Are you in an Audit?

Do you want to know about all of the software and databases you have?


MasterControl IT Asset Intelligence® Management Suite Release 4.3

 MasterControl is our core Technology Baseline Solution and a Gartner Research Award winning solution.

The MasterControl Suite lets organizations automate the process of IT discovery and inventory through the intelligent collection and normalization of asset information, without the need to deploy software agents! MasterControl eliminates the manual steps in gathering and integrating asset information by automating the collection process that cause errors and increase cost.

 Leveraging the latest in current technology to provide seamless integration with enterprise applications and deployment. This approach allows companies to lower their operation costs, lower their life cycle costs and increase business efficiency and asset information accuracy. MasterControl includes the applications necessary to intelligently manage today's complex IT organizations assets, end-to-end. The MasterControl suite includes iReporter, iScanner, and Application Tracker:

  • First Intelligent solution for Asset Management Agent-less Discovery and Inventory.
  • Includes all Hardware, Software, Applications, Configuration and Services.
  • Exceptional level of detail of all IT assets; what it is, their configuration, owner, location, business impact and cost items.
  • Full Software Asset Management module (SAM) - add-on module.
  • From Windows to Linux, UNIX, Mac, Virtual Machines (Hosts and Guests), Switches, Routers, PDUs, Controllers, Sensors, IoT, etc...
  • Ability to collect data on all Virtual Machines including VMware ESX and vSphere to Hyper-V.
  • Integrates with existing Infrastructure - DCIM,CRM, ERP, Service Desk, Change Management, SCCM. Eliminates duplication in costs, administration, education and maintenance as you would need with individual tools.
  • Asset normalization for reliability and human readability.
  • Low network bandwidth consumption.
  • Central IT Asset Repository - Web Services Enabled.
  • Patented “Beacon” technology to manage any remote or disconnected device.

Add-on Modules:

  • Software Asset Management with Entitlements,
  • Dashboards,
  • EnergyControl.