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Internet of Things

Smart, effective and detailed information at the Device and Component level.

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Software Asset Management

Are you in an Audit?

Do you want to know about all of the software and databases you have?


IoT Management (IOTM - the Internet of Things)

The promise has been; that technology will appear or drive in objects that historically have not been IT Assets. In the mechanical environment – HVAC units, SAN, CRAC units, PDU’s, Racks in the data center.

Medical Devices, Probes, Fire Alarms, Security Cameras and Street lights are just a few more areas. Technology can manifest itself in almost any area, Services, Sensors, People and their associated devices, cars, wallets, refrigerators and the list goes on. ITAM is now TAM (technology asset management) and the need to know where they are, how they are working, the state they are in and the associated ownership is crucial to maintaining both the Cost and Effectiveness of the technology. Assets can be baggage on a plane, or for that matter the people on the plane itself it all needs to have an on-boarding and off-boarding of the asset.  

 InControl planned on this evolution of technology, how?

 MasterControl is a component based system.  Meaning the management of components with their attributes is the foundation of the system.

  • Components can be grouped to create a “device” or asset.
  • Business processes and relationships are built-in, including:
    • Locations and Sub-Locations
    • Asset Types, Ownership and Status tracked over its life cycle, including inventory and disposal.
    • Links to Order Management
    • Tracking of Procurement Data (costs, PO, REQ #, etc.…)
    • Assignments for charge-backs by Cost Center and/or Department.
  • Automated Discovery and Inventory on a multitude of industry standard protocols.
  • Continuous R&D effort to best approach the security and management aspects of IoT
  • Vision in working with customers on the “real world” requirements to build adaptable solutions.
  • Highly adaptable dashboard for detailed analytics.
  • Normalization of IoT attributes into plan English versus unusable codes.
  • Deployable today – fully upgradable in the future.