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Internet of Things

Smart, effective and detailed information at the Device and Component level.

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Software Asset Management

Are you in an Audit?

Do you want to know about all of the software and databases you have?


 AssetNow  is Cloud Based Technology Asset Intelligence®

 InControl’s Cloud based solutions discover and deliver a complete inventory of your or your client's networked technology infrastructure, within days or weeks and with little effort on your part.

We have removed all the complexity of installing an ITAM Solution and at a cost that is simply too low to believe.

The Cloud software-as-a-service discovers the entire network or selected segments and inventories every network attached device - every desktop, laptop, server, router, switch, printer, controller, PDU, Medical Devices regardless of the platform or Operating System.  It delivers comprehensive data on each inventoried device - CPU, memory, disk space, attached peripherals, operating system, installed applications, services, configuration and so much more. Your team can then use this reality based information for decisions on Risk, Risk Mitigation, problem areas or security risks, M&A, the options for providing support are endless.

Configure the AssetNow solutions to meet your specific needs.  Do a quick inventory or build an industrial strength technology asset management solution for the long haul and we keep it functional, simple and operational 24/7.

 You make the decision! You control the cost! Couldn’t be easier

As a Cloud based solution AssetNow sets up in minutes and can be operational in an hour and better yet as a Cloud based solution we do the work for you and you get the benefits. Leverage the expertise of InControl senior asset managers.  The Cloud Based software solution is non-intrusive, requires no software agent, and supports all major Operating Systems (Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac, etc.).  iScanner scanning technology takes less than 1 hour to set-up and begins interrogating the network immediately. Within hours, all networked attached devices are discovered and the inventory is underway.

A rich set of standard reports is generated and any specific report needed can be constructed with minimal effort.

Additional Asset Intelligence modules are available and with a simple click you can subscribe at any time.

Our Cloud based Modules include:

 Contact us to schedule a session on how we can build rock solid value in the services you provide for your business or your clients and get all of the benefits of getting IT Asset Intelligence® as a Service. The clock is ticking and every minute counts.