InControl Technology, a leader in innovative technology solutions in Asset Intelligence®, is taking the lead in insuring any organization can participate in "Green" benefits. This is done by measuring and gauging the company's Information Technology in the introduction of Energy Control, by:

  • Base lining your Data Center or desktop environment so that you can answer the energy questions everybody is asking you about.
  • Assisting Data Centers to isolate under-utilized servers and provide virtualization road maps.
  • Providing valuable statistics to lower your CO2 footprint and costs! Many Data Centers are considering 24v options to reduce HVAC and lower power consumption
  • Identifying and controlling excesses in power management in IT devices.
  • Providing a platform of "Best Practices" for IT energy management.
  • Reducing greenhouse emissions by 1300 tons. Using EnergyControl with 1,000 PC's could save $175,828 annually.
  • Identifying IT systems powered on and not in use.
  • Providing a guide for "Technology Refresh" with more efficient devices.
  • Providing Intelligent, centrally controlled "power down" capabilities.
  • Provoding a library of IT devices and associated power consumption for automated reconciliation to your environment.
  • Significantly assisting in lowering energy costs and consumption.
  • Roadmap to Data Center cost savings.

InControl has designed a sophisticated and simple calculator to analyze your IT environment and produce a report on the energy and costs savings. Implementing EnergyControl, will also allow you to see the reduction in CO2 emissions.

Contact InControl for more information or to request a copy of the InControl ITGreen Calculator.